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Patient Testimonials

Herman G.

Today was my 1st visit with Dr.Peter in linwood and it was great. Dr.Peter is gonna help me. Thanks for listening to me. Can’t wait until my next visit. Staff very friendly and polite. Office very clean and organized with massage chairs.

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Thomas J.

done a day. I spent the next 4 years with Bado being a virtual zombie! I missed out on a good part of my life because of his wonder drug! Jeffery Bado has been convicted of causing a death because of distribution of a controlled substance. He is awaiting his sentence and from one close friend I was told that he will spend the rest of his life in jail! Then I just happen to get an appointment to see Dr. Robert Todd Rinnier of Relievus and my life took a change for the better! At first glance he looked at my medical records and told me from day 1 you are taking way too many pain meds. I will not prescribe this amount of pain meds to you or anyone for that matter! At first I guess I was upset but something told me that I was headed in the right direction and I found a doctor that was going to finally help me! Dr. Rinnier explained to me exactly how he was going to wen me off of opioids with regular epidurals and even burning of nerves to try to decrease the pain. He never said he would cure my chronic back pain but he did say that my quality of life will increase. I am very proud to say that thanks to Dr. Robert Todd Rinnier I am almost at 100 ml per day and its like a cloud has been lifted from over my head! Our work is not done yet but Ii am very confident that someday soon opioids will be in my past! To the best Doctor I’ve had the pleasure to know, me and my loved ones thank Dr, Rinnier for caring enough to set me straight on the perils of opioids!!
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Ramires R.

I love relievus. I’ve been coming here for 4 years. They’re the best pain docs hands down. Erin is so sweet caring and understanding. She always listens to my concerns. Lesley has always helped me , she’s the only one I trust with anything. Thanks guys

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Jose V.

The best pain office that I’ve been in the past 10 years! Dr. Peter explains everything very well. Good bedside manner. I also see NP Erin very nice and caring. Also the staff Lesley very helpful and professional. Thank you for helping me with my care! I will forever be a patient!

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Catie M.

I have been going here for quite sometime now. I never have a problem getting an appointment. The other day I had to change my appointment due to a work schedule change and I called the office and spoke with Becky the manager to try to get my appointment changed and she did everything she could to fit me in when the doctor was double booked. She was very very nice. She was going to check with the doctor and see if I could be fit in. Within a half hour she called me back to tell me to come right over and they would see me. The office staff was extremely nice dr purin was very nice as well. I would never go to any other office for my needs. This office is very professional and treats their patients like actual people unlike other pain management offices thank you to Becky and her amazing staff

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Cindy R.

I love this place. The front desk receptionist Teresa is a great young lady. She is always pleasant and always goes above and beyond to help me out. She is always happy and makes me happy everytime i come in.. great job Teresa

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Matt H.

In the 15 years I’ve been seeing pain management doctors this is by far the best office and doctors I’ve dealt with. Bravo guys!

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Chris C.

I’ve had pain for years. I finally found a doctor dr. Reyes which is a very caring doctor and best of all his receptionist is the best her name is Georgina if you go there make sure you talke to her because ,she’s unbelievable she takes care of everything.Hey Dr.Johan Reyes and Georgean thank you so much for all the help you do for us.

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Jamie J.

My group of Dr in the linwood office have helped me tremendously thank you all so much… Also a big thank you to the receptionists for always working with me to scheduale my appointments when it works best for me!

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Patti F.

I had an evaluation with Dr Pete in the Linwood office , although he couldn’t treat my disease because it is so rare and severe he took the time to talk to me and he understood what I was going through , he was a very nice man and also referred me to his colleagues who he believed could bring me some relief. Thank you Dr Pete!

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