“There are 150 students enrolled in the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy’s medical cannabis program, which explores marijuana from myriad angles, including clinical care, science, and policy.”

More and more, it is becoming known that cannabis can be used as medical marijuana. At last, University of Maryland started the nation’s first Medical Marijuana Master’s Degree program! There are now students who will focus and study medical cannabis. We hope to find out more about the therapeutic and health effects of cannabis, and more potentials of it. Additional people participating in the research to develop a better understanding will benefit numerous patients and health services.

Although the classes are only available online right now, students are still required to attend in-person for a good number of times during the program. Through this first step, we hope that people will become more comfortable with using cannabis for medical purposes, while also maintaining control of who and how cannabis will be used for the general public.

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