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Patient Testimonials

Lesley S.

I have been a patient in the Woodbury office for several years now & can’t recommend them enough! The entire staff is always very caring. They are welcoming & truly concerned about your health, doing whatever is necessary to help alleviate your pain.

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Melissa C.

The Dr’s and staff are amazing and they set the standard for how a medical office should be. They listen, care, and understand that you are at their office for help and they not only provide education but they respect who you are and treat you in the way that works best for you as an individual. It is not common to find good medical practitioners that do that. Thank you for everything you do and for all of your dedicated time and compassion.

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Lori C.

I recommend coming to relievus for your needs of pain everyone is so compassionate with trying to make you feel better and the staff are great people

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Joe S.

always helpful and accommodating! The staff and Docs have been helping me manage my pain for well over 5 years and it’s enabled me to have some quality of life

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Jessica G.

Both offices I have been in, the staff has been absolutely wonderful and pleasant. The doctors make sure you understand everything and answer all of your questions.

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Nancy B.

The Vineland office is amazing. The girls are all so nice. They know their patients and help with paperwork, billing, if you need help getting in the office or back to your car. The doctors will explain your options and what could give you the most relief possible. I would always recommend them!


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Janet D.

everything. the staff is very efficient and very nice. The PA, Sam, is very pleasant and very knowledgeable. She helps me understand what causes pain and things I can do to help myself. I highly recommend Relievus

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Jay C.

I have been going to Relievus for almost a year now. They are a great company. They don’t have you waiting for a long time in the waiting room and they always have convenient appointments. The staff are friendly and easy to talk to as well. My doctor pays attention and makes sure he assists with my pain management in the best ways possible. I would recommend this office to anyone who needs the medical help.

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Patient Reviews

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Brian M.

Patient: Catherine M

I don’t have a FB account, all while I’d really like to leave a review, so, I’m doing my review through my husband’s FB account 😀

I visit Relievus for Neurology and Pain Management. I HIGHLY recommend Relievus.

Dr. Preis is my Neurologist. He is absolutely wonderful!!! EXTREMELY KNOWLEDGEABLE AND EDUCATIONAL. I’ve been a patient at his office for years. To date, my husband and I truly couldn’t be happier to have found him. He GENUINELY listens to the patient. He never rushes me or my husband in and out, and, he has a GREAT sense of humor. If you’re looking for a TRUSTWORTHY and HIGHLY SKILLED Neurologist, you won’t be disappointed by Dr. Pries. I visited 2 Neurologists outside of Relievus, prior to Dr. Pries, and we truly couldn’t be happier or any more relieved that we found Dr. Pries.

Dr. Rinnier is my Pain Management Specialist. I didn’t feel any results from the other pain management office that I visited, all while the office and medical assistants were EXTREMELY unprofessional. As a result of both issues, I lost the ability to trust the doctor and opted to stop treatment at her office. When Dr. Pries sent me to pain management, I found out that a close friend of mine sees Dr. Rinnier for pain management. She RAVED about him after she found out I was going to start visiting Relievus. My friend has had EXCELLENT results from seeing Dr. Rinnier and his staff, so naturally I opted to make my Initial Consult w/Dr. Rinnier. During my Initial Consult w/Dr. Rinnier, my husband and I were blown away at the difference in quality of care I received during my Initial Appointment vs. the appointments I had at the previous pain management facility. Dr. Rinnier made us feel understood, validated, and hopeful. There was more accomplished in my Plan of Care during my Initial Consult w/Dr. Rinnier than the entire time I was seeking pain management services outside of Relievus. My husband and I are looking forward to moving forward w/Dr. Rinnier. He too is VERY EDUCATIONAL!!!

The overall staff at Relievus that assist you when checking in, etc., are ALWAYS polite, friendly and behave professionally when interacting w/me and my husband. And, I LOVE that the waiting area is set up to keep patients as comfortable as possible while they wait. I was happy to know that Relievus kept the massage chairs when they moved their office from K. Hwy to Rt. 70.

Honestly, I’m a tough patient to impress/please bc I’ve been misdiagnosed, undermined and/or mistreated more times than I care to recall. In addition, both my husband and I have backgrounds in healthcare. We are never impressed by degrees, etc., but only by providers that are ethical, conscientious, compassionate, honest, etc. Relievus definitely never fails to impress us. My husband and I walk out of EVERY appointments at Relievus feeling SUPPORTED AND EMOTIONALLY RELIEVED, not dissatisfied or angry b/c we found that I received substandard care, AGAIN. We’re happy to say that we feel Relievus provides EXCELLENT care. Honestly, if you are feeling hopeless or have fallen victim to substandard care, YOU CAN COUNT ON RELIEVUS TO BRING YOUR HOPE BACK!!! 

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