“Originally, I was seeing another pain Dr for over 8 yrs, who I was very happy with & I had no plans on seeing anyone else. I was devastated to hear that he was leaving & sold his practice. This is when I first met Dr. Manabat. Of course I was leary at first, because I really dislike having to start over with going through my full medical history, which is complicated & lengthy. This is due to all the surgeries & total joint replacements I’ve had, which started in my freshman year of HS. This takes such a long time to explain & I dislike having to start from the very beginning again. However, after meeting Dr. Manabat for the first time, she put my mind at ease & I felt very comfortable with her. She had a nice bedside manner & was very knowledgeable & professional in her approach, especially with the complicated medical history I have. 5 years has now passed since that time & I have no complaints about Dr. Manabat. She’s worked with me throughout all the major surgeries I’ve had & I know she’ll work with me for the upcoming joint replacement surgeries I need. I’ve been seeing pain management since 1995, 20 yrs now. I wish I didn’t have to continue going to pain management, however every specialist I’ve seen, has told me that I won’t ever get better & I’d have to live being in chronic pain for the rest of my life, which gets to be very depressing. I’ve also have been on SSDI since 1997 & everyone knows how hard it is to qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance. If only I could trade my body in for a new one. I have a connective tissue disorder, along with Osteoarthritis, Fibromyalgia, & Degenerative Disc Disease in my cervical, thoracic, & lower lumbar, along with other issues. I thank the Lord that Dr. Manabat took over for the other Dr I used to see. She’s helped me out tremendously & I have no plans on going elsewhere.”

Claudia S.