“I MUST thank Dr Manabat and the STAFF at Relievus. I have been seeing Dr Manabat for several years now. Doc has been awesomely helpful and Keeping me from my worst fear at my young age getting the ” 7 Inch Steel Rods,” in my lower back. Hopefully, I can avoid it all together… However — This past week I had to go to ER and get I was immobile and in crazy pain as it was a weekend this was my only option. I found that I actually ruptured my lower discs that were originally creating a problem. Within the week I had an MRI, 2 surgeons visits a Procedure on Thurs. I WILL NOT ALLOW ANYONE OTHER THAN Doc Manabat give me my shots — LOL… Shes GOT MY BACK — Get it goy my back …”

Fred G.