Knee pain relief is a sought-after solution by countless individuals worldwide. From athletes to the elderly, understanding the root causes, such as osteoarthritis, and discovering effective non-surgical treatments is pivotal.  Dr. Navin Ramani, a pain management expert at Relievus in Oaks, PA, delves deep into this topic, offering valuable insights for those aiming for optimal knee health. 

Navin Ramani, D.O. | Relievus

Understanding Knee Pain and Osteoarthritis 

Throughout my life, I’ve had a keen interest in sports, both as a spectator and participant.” Dr. Ramani’s initiation into the world of pain management wasn’t just academic; it was personal. Encounters with sports-related injuries and a torn ACL deepened his understanding and empathy for those with similar conditions. Inspired by hands-on experiences shadowing family members in the medical field, he found his true calling. As Dr. Ramani mentions, “My specific interest in knee pain is deeply personal, stemming from my medical challenges. 


The Main Cause of Knee Pain 

Knee osteoarthritis stands out as a primary culprit when discussing knee pain. It emerges as a result of progressive wear and tear leading to cartilage loss. Delving deeper into this topic can empower individuals to take proactive steps toward prevention and management. 


Modern Non-Surgical Remedies 

The notion of surgery can be intimidating. Yet, as Dr. Ramani elucidates, the landscape of non-surgical interventions is vast and promising. Treatments such as steroid injections, platelet-rich plasma, and stem cells offer a glimmer of hope. He asserts these treatments can lead to “significant improvement in activity and functionality,” showcasing the advancements in knee pain relief techniques. 


The Role of Lifestyle: Diet, Exercise, and Knee Health 

With the American diet brimming with processed foods and hidden calories, Dr. Ramani emphasizes the importance of a balanced lifestyle. He states, “The knees bear the brunt of our body’s weight. An excessive BMI can accelerate joint degradation.” This insight highlights the importance of diet and exercise in ensuring knee longevity. 


From Pain to Progress: A Success Story 

Dr. Ramani recounts a touching tale, shedding light on the power of modern treatment. A family member, after multiple unsuccessful surgeries, found solace in a genicular nerve block procedure. The result? “He felt he regained his life, walking pain-free,” says Dr. Ramani. 


Deciphering the Signs: When to Consult a Professional 

Knee pain can be deceptive. Often, individuals downplay their discomfort, hoping it will dissipate. Dr. Ramani advises, “For symptoms like knee swelling, instability, or pain with twisting, seeking medical guidance is essential. 


The Road Ahead: Emerging Treatments and Hope 

The realm of knee pain relief is ever-evolving. Dr. Ramani touches upon promising treatments like Platelet Rich Plasma. These modalities, rich in healing and anti-inflammatory factors, signify a brighter future for knee pain sufferers. 


Dr. Ramani’s holistic approach to knee health underscores a vital message: functionality is key. With cutting-edge treatments and an understanding of prevention, a pain-free life is within reach. 

For those grappling with knee discomfort, seeking expert insights, or eager to learn more, contact our specialists today for personalized advice and strategies tailored to your needs.