Recently, Relievus had an opportunity to be hosted for the Growing Greater podcast for their talk on Growth without the Pain. Chief Operating Officer Ron Saltiel and Dr. Uplekh Purewal shared their team’s philosophy in helping their patients and running their successful medical practice.

Chronic pain at best can be annoying and uncomfortable, and at worst debilitating and exhausting, often affecting people’s life at its worst. It has also been related to restricted mobility and reduced quality of life. However, medical advancements, technology, and treatment solutions at Relievus can alleviate and eliminate chronic pains more so now than ever!

The team at Relievus is dedicated to the art of pain management, and offer customized, progressive pain management treatment solutions to improve the quality of life for patients. Treatment options range from everything from traditional physical therapy to medicinal cannabis to stem cell injections and so much more.

Check out Growing Greater Podcast Season 2 Episode 15: Growth without the Pain featuring Relievus in the link below: