Practice Administrator

Ms. Girgenti is the Practice Administrator for Relievus. She has worked in every aspect of physician practice management for the past thirty years, including working for orthopedic surgery, pain management, and neurology medical practices. For the past fourteen years she was the Office Manager for a physician practice management company before joining Relievus. Previously, she held the title of Billing Manager. Ms. Girgenti is currently responsible for managing eighty employees and the administrative duties of almost twenty medical providers. She oversees all practice operations, office procedures and protocols along with managing nineteen office locations, manages HIPAA compliance, corporate compliance, and is the practice OSHA officer. Ms. Girgenti has vast knowledge of medical billing and is considered an expert in the field. Previously, Ms. Girgenti also held positions with the Cooper Surgical Group, Endocrinology of SJ, and the Oncology Group.