Dr. Rinnier is awesome! He treats me like a friend and not like a sick person smile emoticon! Aggressively recommends non narcotic options (important for me) and always takes the time to listen to all my complaints. He’s definitely one of the most compassionate docs I’ve met, and I have about 9 doctors I see regularly. I really trust and am grateful for his medical opinions and recommendations especially regarding my spine problems! The office staff rocks, too, and there’s good quality, FREE coffee!”
Isaac K
“I am blessed to have Dr. Purewal as my pain management doctor. You are caring, make me feel comfortable, and I know in my heart you will help me a lot with the pain in my back and neck. Thank again for your help and for being you!”
“I have been seeing Dr. Rinnier since February 2014. He has done tremendous work in helping me with my arthritis, in my back and neck! I highly recommend him and his organization! Very satisfied customer! Thank you very much, Dr. Rinnier and staff!”
Carlton J.
“I’ve been to a lot of pain management doctor’s, and all but 3 turned out to be quacks, that did nothing but push pills. One didn’t even know that the pills he was giving me, were opiates. I’ve been with Relievus, for quite a few years now. Dr. Manabat, Maryann, Vanisha, Judy and Arianna have always treated me like family. They have made me feel relaxed and comfortable from day one. More importantly they LISTEN to my issues, then take the time to explain my options in layman terms. They keep me informed and in the conversation. Since we’re talking about PAIN, and never knowing when something can FLAIR-UP beyond your threshold. Which has happen a few times and I was never turned away. Dr. Manabat saw me the SAME DAY and was able to RELIEVE my pain right in the office. Relief of pain started before I even left the office. I can say enough about my friends at RELIEVUS and THANK YOU FOR GIVING ME MY LIFE BACK!!!”
Terry B.
“Originally, I was seeing another pain Dr for over 8 yrs, who I was very happy with & I had no plans on seeing anyone else. I was devastated to hear that he was leaving & sold his practice. This is when I first met Dr. Manabat. Of course I was leary at first, because I really dislike having to start over with going through my full medical history, which is complicated & lengthy. This is due to all the surgeries & total joint replacements I’ve had, which started in my freshman year of HS. This takes such a long time to explain & I dislike having to start from the very beginning again. However, after meeting Dr. Manabat for the first time, she put my mind at ease & I felt very comfortable with her. She had a nice bedside manner & was very knowledgeable & professional in her approach, especially with the complicated medical history I have. 5 years has now passed since that time & I have no complaints about Dr. Manabat. She’s worked with me throughout all the major surgeries I’ve had & I know she’ll work with me for the upcoming joint replacement surgeries I need. I’ve been seeing pain management since 1995, 20 yrs now. I wish I didn’t have to continue going to pain management, however every specialist I’ve seen, has told me that I won’t ever get better & I’d have to live being in chronic pain for the rest of my life, which gets to be very depressing. I’ve also have been on SSDI since 1997 & everyone knows how hard it is to qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance. If only I could trade my body in for a new one. I have a connective tissue disorder, along with Osteoarthritis, Fibromyalgia, & Degenerative Disc Disease in my cervical, thoracic, & lower lumbar, along with other issues. I thank the Lord that Dr. Manabat took over for the other Dr I used to see. She’s helped me out tremendously & I have no plans on going elsewhere.”
Claudia S.
“I MUST thank Dr Manabat and the STAFF at Relievus. I have been seeing Dr Manabat for several years now. Doc has been awesomely helpful and Keeping me from my worst fear at my young age getting the ” 7 Inch Steel Rods,” in my lower back. Hopefully, I can avoid it all together… However — This past week I had to go to ER and get I was immobile and in crazy pain as it was a weekend this was my only option. I found that I actually ruptured my lower discs that were originally creating a problem. Within the week I had an MRI, 2 surgeons visits a Procedure on Thurs. I WILL NOT ALLOW ANYONE OTHER THAN Doc Manabat give me my shots — LOL… Shes GOT MY BACK — Get it goy my back …”
Fred G.
Dr. Lee and their staff are the best. It’s truly a pleasure to go into a doctors office and sign in and get treated; all within one hour that is the best thing ever. I really enjoy coming to see Dr. Lee. “May God bless you and your staff. Love Virginia”
Virginia Q
Dr. Rinnier is very understanding of each individual’s concerns and management of pain levels. Highly recommend him!! His staff is very friendly, especially Victoria @ checkin and Carol in precerts!
Karen B.
The staff is so very sweet and caring, and Dr. Rinnier is the most amazing pain management doctor! He is one of the few doctors who understands RSD/CRPS and doesn’t make you feel terrible about it! I am so glad we found him and Relievus!
Wendy B.
Thank you for a pleasant visit. Receptionist is very efficient and everyone is friendly. Dr. Robert Hahn is compassionate and gentle while taking time to listen.
Donna J.
I am posting on behalf of my fiance John G. He had his first shot in his hip months ago, which had him pain free. Recently, he was in a motorcycle accident, and hip pain suddenly struck him again. He called and explained what had happened and Dr. Manabat was kind enough to fit him into her schedule the day that he called so that another injection could be given. He thanks her for her compassion. He considers her very knowledgeable in the treatment of his pain and highly recommends her.
Judy C.
The office was clean, very nice people working there. Fast and comfortable. I would tell my friends and family that Relievus is the best place to go for pain management
Ken F.