I’ve been to a lot of pain management doctor’s, and all but 3 turned out to be quacks, that did nothing but push pills. One didn’t even know that the pills he was giving me, were opiates. I’ve been with Relievus, for quite a few years now. Dr. Manabat, Maryann, Vanisha, Judy and Arianna have always treated me like family. They have made me feel relaxed and comfortable from day one. More importantly they LISTEN to my issues, then take the time to explain my options in layman terms. They keep me informed and in the conversation. Since we’re talking about PAIN, and never knowing when something can FLAIR-UP beyond your threshold. Which has happen a few times and I was never turned away. Dr. Manabat saw me the SAME DAY and was able to RELIEVE my pain right in the office. Relief of pain started before I even left the office. I can say enough about my friends at RELIEVUS and THANK YOU FOR GIVING ME MY LIFE BACK!!!

Terry B.